How to transform micro-agressions into micro-resilience on your college campus? - And other musings on AirGo Radio/ Sarah Lawrence College featuring Sacred Walker

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A Mindful Movement Invitation by Sacred Walker [Inspired by UF Healing Arts Training]

This poem was inspired by my recent visit to the Ocean and the physiology of healing arts advanced training at the University of Florida, of which I am enrolled. I recently also created a poem with one of the people I work with recently in support of his growth as a former veteran. It inspired me to get back in touch with my poetic expression as well.


Sacred Walker

The Sacred Art of Dancing Love into my Cells

I am at the ocean in my mind. 

I see the sky that is now cloudy starting to break open to the sun.

I am so in awe of the light of God shining down on my body on this chilly Fall morning. 

I am in awe of The bravery that I have in my all white clothes to take my blanket and emerge out to the waters on this gloomy day. 

I stand up and open my mouth and say thank you to Mother ocean: Yemonja. 

I say thank you to the ways that she holds us and as interconnected life. 

I began to hear the cry and the hurt of being filled with caste aside waiste. 

Of plastic bottles and being filled with m…

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How visionary leadership dramatically transforms graduates from break-down to breakthrough? [Based on a true story]

How visionary leadership dramatically transforms graduates from 
break-down to breakthrough?

Based on a true story by Sacred Walker

Founding CEO of Kuumba Health LLC
Student Wellness and Leadership Initiative

     She slumped down in the chair in front of us, her care team. Her facial expression and body language was clear: "I do not want to be here, I do not belong here, and I do not want to talk with any of you." We, her chaplain, social worker, nurse, and lead psychiatrist sat in a circle of chairs for her interview and welcome to the women's in patient unit. She answered slowly under her breath and the mutterings spilled out of her mouth like crumbs of a bread half eaten and a life unfinished. Patience was in the air and yet the long line of intakes spoke to a long morning of rounds ahead.

     Our team was very compassionate and was present to her silence. Slowly her silence became murmurs of disapproval of being committed to a mental health hospital. At the age of 18 y…