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Are you moving the chairs in a titanic area of your life?

  Beloved, Lately, I have been wondering if you are receiving as much help that I can give you. How to not just move around and manage experiences, but truly prevent the ship from sinking in an area of our lives. I do not want you moving around chairs if there is something that feels like a titanic moment! So I have decided to create my new podcast Unlocking Unstoppable Love! This podcast was created as a space where you will be able to ask questions on both self-love and success, wellness & equity (the power of WE):​ DIY self-help talks about wellbeing,  How to Shift ancestral patterns from habits that harm to habits that help, Clarity, and confidence-building resources, Daily habits to unlock self love and connection, and success Transforming imposter syndrome personally and professionally,  Releasing toxicity from your life so you can achieve a life you love where your worth is seen and valued (with a little less weighing you down vs helping you fly)  Creating extra streams of i