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Body Map- Chapati Style :D

Location: Parissini, Kerala, South India Intention: Self Love Body Mapping; Group closing Today was the last day of our 3 week series with these dynamic resilient group of predominantly young  women at St. Mary's Special School. Today we played drama therapy body check in games, bringing these beautiful young people back in touch with their voices and bodies. We mixed it up with a game of steal the bacon and I watched introverted types become competitive and in your face spicy:D lol! So glad to be one of the witnesses! After numerous therapeutic and this (and other) team building warm ups we closed with body maps where they were instructed to lie on oak tag paper, each assigned to an adult to (with safe touch and permission) to outline their bodies. After this, the young people they were given markers and crayons to go to town, filling in what their bodies mean to them.  I wondered then, when was the last time someone had talked with them about their bodies? Abo

Ayurveda Medical College- Life and death.

Location:  Parassini  Kadavu  Ayurveda medical College  Kannur Intention: Ayurveda class tours Cadaver room Dr. George, recent graduate of the Ayurveda College, gives us a tour of the Cadaver room at the Parissini Kadavu Ayurveda College. This particular clip is of the skull. So much happens in this portion of the brain that we are unaware of and as an emerging Holistic Psychologist I found being able to see the interior fascinating. Yet, science today is just beginning to verify with experimentation, what Ayurveda doctors have known for over 5,000 years about the brain, other body structures, tissues, bones, mind, and/or the soul. In Hindu Mythology, God Shiva, destroyer and protector, passed down Ayurveda medicine to his people (one with Goddess Parvati), and ancients remembered it. It had been around far before it was remembered. Which means there is much to be learned and possibly much more to tap into and remember from ancient teachings today. Whether or not y