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A Mindful Movement Invitation by Sacred Walker [Inspired by UF Healing Arts Training]

This poem was inspired by my recent visit to the Ocean and the physiology of healing arts advanced training at the University of Florida, of which I am enrolled. I recently also created a poem with one of the people I work with recently in support of his growth as a former veteran. It inspired me to get back in touch with my poetic expression as well. Enjoy! Sacred Walker The Sacred Art of Dancing Love into my Cells I am at the ocean in my mind.  I see the sky that is now cloudy starting to break open to the sun.   I am so in awe of the light of God shining down on my body on this chilly Fall morning.  I am in awe of The bravery that I have in my all white clothes to take my blanket and emerge out to the waters on this gloomy day.  I stand up and open my mouth and say thank you to Mother ocean: Yemonja.  I say thank you to the ways that she holds us and as interconnected life.  I began to hear the cry and the hurt of being filled with caste aside waiste.