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“How are you being the rabbit vs. the eagle in your life?”

“How are you being the rabbit vs. the eagle in your life?” By Sacred Walker Today’s episode  UNLOCKING UNSTOPPABLE LOVE I come to you straight to talk about calling in what you want vs what you don’t want. Let’s face it, for some of us, the winter season can be more like a scary movie than a Hallmark film. Our families, chosen or biological, don't always communicate clearly and every gathering over cooked meals doesn’t always end on a happy note- especially if you are the Executive or go-to in your family. Some experiences leave us feeling alive, amazing, joyfilled, and loved. Other experiences can pull to close your heart vs unlock unstoppable love- if you allow it.  I often hear after the holidays with harsh stories of holidays gone awry that have led to some sort of increased stress that impacts the mind-body-spirit of those I serve until they apply Kuumba Health tools that work. And dare I say the over-achiever in us, if we are not careful, will hide behind our rabbit self