Risk + Investing In Self-Care: Everything You Need to Know



I know you spend a lot of energy to pursue a Spirit-led life and work incredibly hard for your money.

The idea of throwing it away on Anything that can rob your time and energy of your peace, may make your stomach.

Get into knots, or if you are not careful result into Stress eating or gastrointestinal issues.

I know it does in my family line.

I dislike the idea of throwing away time on what does not serve me, or losing money to toxic stress habits (we all have our own vices if you will). 

When I see it that way, it actually inspires me to shift.

When I see habits that come from my family line, as costing me money, that toxic stress impacts my wallet, and healing saves me energy, vitality, focus, health, and time lost…I spend… my energy more intentionally.

Do you see what I mean?

I think of energy in my body, the same as I do Dollars and scents.

How much of your hard-earned.

Energy do you give away, or does your energy feel like it is well invested?

Risk is all around us, and we create intentional choices each day, with support.

The secret to not losing it all when change occurs. To have strategies that do not feel like it has to be all or nothing- sink or swim, rise or fall.

I like to say “don’t drown in a sea of life Jackets- why drown when you can receive self-care tools that help you to thrive”.

Self-care and support can be our Biggest strength- even when for some ancestral messages tell us to “never let others see us sweat.”

When you acknowledge that self-care holds an inherent risk- risk of seeing all of authentic you-then we can use that risk to motivate you to create a well-being pathway and Boss moves portfolio that thrives in the face of change and self-care surpasses that lit candle or mani-pedi- it becomes a lot more strategic towards getting clear on your pathway to success.

Wellness wishes and remember

You are loved...



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