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Mini Movie: Wishing You True Gender Equity & "Stress Free" Freedom on the 4th

Happy 4th of July from Sacred Walker, Founder of Kuumba Health LLC. Enclosed is an essential tool for achieving inner freedom from past traumas that will increase focus and reduce stress for Professional women impacted by violence, using engaging art and holistic tools. Please invest in Kuumba Health today at: in order to turn our projects into on-going programs. Kuumba Health's tools of creative interventions for improved health and transformation uses the arts and holistic training to move stress in our bodies and give participants safe spaces to practice the tools of change we want to see in the world.  We are currently on a Kiva Lending platform that has gone international. With your investment\, in 1 1/2 weeks we have raised 27% of our goal and rising. Today, in honor of the 4th, I hope this video touches you and acts as a warm reminder for the lives you touch thru Kuumba Health including your own, & esp. women and LGBT persons