Are you moving the chairs in a titanic area of your life?



Lately, I have been wondering if you are receiving as much help that I can give you. How to not just move around and manage experiences, but truly prevent the ship from sinking in an area of our lives.

I do not want you moving around chairs if there is something that feels like a titanic moment!

So I have decided to create my new podcast Unlocking Unstoppable Love! This podcast was created as a space where you will be able to ask questions on both self-love and success, wellness & equity (the power of WE):​

  • DIY self-help talks about wellbeing, 

  • How to Shift ancestral patterns from habits that harm to habits that help,

  • Clarity, and confidence-building resources,

  • Daily habits to unlock self love and connection, and success

  • Transforming imposter syndrome personally and professionally, 

  • Releasing toxicity from your life so you can achieve a life you love where your worth is seen and valued (with a little less weighing you down vs helping you fly) 

  • Creating extra streams of income and wealth mindset, as an act of self-love

  • & more!

So that we can all become the love medicine the world needs- to our world, aching to be healed- for your own personal dose of emotional and financial freedom for a lasting legacy.

It’s one thing to simply “manage time”…it’s another thing to create intentional time with strategies that work for thousands I have been blessed to serve to date worldwide! ☀️

Until my workbook officially goes LIVE again soon (more on that later ;D) , I want to invite you to revisit some of the past blogs and see what kind of growth or healing is available to you there.

​Today’s invitation is for Self-Nurturing as we navigate this new normal.

We have all been betrayed in one way or another; by someone or many someones or something we created too much mental space for. I invite you to replace your time with toxic depleting actions, with energy elevating actions. 

Here is a soul nurturing “throwback” video that will hopefully inspire visions of habits that will foster Soulcare in your healthcare.

No one is exempt from the ache grounded in toxic stress, so I am committed to finding solutions to the lasting emotional and literal physical effects, so you can continue to unleash your calling on so many levels!

I want to encourage you to whisper a gentle strength into your own heart and vision and undo any energy that has caused ache- especially as our nation mourns the loss and navigates this new normal. It’s a special kind of human tenderness that we all share — not only do we betray one another individually, but we also betray one another in collective ways, if we don’t take time to name and tame our inner critic and turn her into confidence.

It’s important to know that this heartbreak and betrayal isn’t personal…it is a chain of suffering that is passed on from one generation to another- and this is what makes healing ancestral patterns inside of ourselves and in our workplaces and schools and world so important. When I am free from suffering, we can be free from suffering.

This is how we find the strength and power to truly nurture our mind-body-spirit vs. take actions that soothe us temporarily, while our minds are busy worrying about what was or wasn’t meant to be.

Or let me speak for myself- that is what I found to be true.

Can you relate? Know someone who needs some heart-mind vision TLC?

If you want to be free to move forward in your life… or wish to share this TLC with a friend- you must first forgive yourself for holding on to what depletes your energy, and invest your time in what uplifts it- then share the love from that place. 

I am on this journey right alongside you- imperfect actions yield forward-moving results.

I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you!

Wellness wishes (and Boss Goddess vibes),


PS. Remember you are loved, even when you forget!

PSS: You or a friend ready to begin your coaching journey. 

No matter where you are in your journey, I’ll meet you there!


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