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Divine Eros Unravells: An inherited choreopoem video and script (c) 2014

Title: Divine Eros Unravels: An inherited choreo-Poem by Sacred W. Taneshia K. Campbell (Co-birthed with Emerge fam. and Spirit :D!) Narrator cue (offstage right): Facial expression: All Emotional arch- Happy/ JOY/ upward movements Yesterday I was Sacred - age 16 Movers Enter stage right to Center stage: (Movement of desire going towards stage: left- of audience) Sacred +1/1 cue opening: enters & molds image and facial expression of Divine Love. Characters Cue marker (except Polina): One at a time enter as image of divine love... Be sure image on face holds true to emotional intent of character. I started out as a temple dancer. I was so honored to be called by Spirit. To praise. moving in tantric form. Divine bliss expressed It started out as a commitment to God Dancing with Spirit gave life a new meaning A generational family calling So I sent for my Jamaican aunties and mother to immigrate Receive An honest