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Healing offering+ Practical support to the East Coast

Here is one practical way you can support those still impacted by Sandy, as NYC tries to restore its power and transportation through out much of the city. volunteer/disaster/ Healing energy to all those impacted by "Sandy," Mama earth included. Prayers for those still in recovery! Healing to climate control challenges that stir up natural disasters- lets make more environmentally wise choices today! i.e. Use less plastic. And much love+ respect to all those who stepped up in big and small ways in order that others who were suffering throughout the East Coast would receive practical support. cheers to warrior love in action and mama Oya (Ifa Goddess of the winds) whose winds of change clears away and renews. I was in a low hurricane risk zone. It was both scary watching the news about Sandy and calming to have time to not be "on." So I hold both emotions in tension and say... Thank you personally Sandy for slowing me down long e