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What's your ONE big decision?

  Greetings! I've been thinking a lot recently about how taking action (or moving like a fan in my own head, back and forth, in inaction) ONE decision to not act can drastically change a human being's life. Recently, as I sat in a room of amazing global scholars & business owners, I spoke my dream out loud- a dream I have been cooking for the last decade- and travelled the world and back again to test out and all I heard was white noise. I froze inside. At first, I went into my head and heard the following: Why did you say that? No one even understands what you were saying. You can speak in front of thousands and have, now you stumble in front of 25. Thank God for my inner critic and cloud clearing tools- so I can hear my intuition more clearly. And once I entered into my Love Medicine vault, out clear as day came that voice. It dawned on me, you acted! I heard that deep within, you acted, and how will your vision be heard if you do not speak it out loud. Give them a chance