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This Spring- Refresh Your Commitments to your New Year's Resolutions! (Video clips & Tips included!)

Circle of Voices- Season 2 Debut Featuring the Founder of KHHP! In case you missed it, here is the re-release of our interview entitled: This Spring Refresh Your Commitments to your New Year's Resolutions! In January KHHP debut'ed 4 health tips into 2014! Check them out, like them on you tube, share them amongst your community! You can also Contact me at: to schedule time to discuss my bringing innovative & adaptable approaches of mind-body-spirit creative workshops to your clientele or organization. I am apt to as well foster workshops catered to exploring healthy interrelationships, self-care, and harmonizing workplace environments, through the fun experience of the arts. Now that it is June, six months into 2014, it is the perfect time to revamp, refresh, and re affirm your commitment to your health and well being in support of the newer you. The better you are to you, the more obtainable your New Year's resolutions will become. T