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Fall in Love with Yourself as You Grow on Your Journey...Nobody has a Straight Path to Success.

Nobody wins every time. Truthfully, I have found again and again, that sometimes the amazing leaders I am fortunate to hold space for (my inner child included) often rediscovered such deeper parts of their identity, their authentic self, and their truth on the other side of what originally seemed like a loss- when they healed their relationship to something they lost, it became a HUGE gain! They regained the resilient part of themselves that had been rooting for them the entire time. Can you relate to hearing that whisper inside that got you thru something serious this year? In anything worth doing, you’re going to experience your share of significant setbacks… I certainly have. Yes, my inner divine intelligence has never steered me in the wrong direction. (Taking off my Executive Coach and Holistic Therapist hat for a moment, and putting on my modern Mystic hat) I mean… there’s plenty of messiness behind the scenes. This is what keeps me going...the life lessons I hear from you along