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it's been a while... (I have a question for you)

  It's. been. a. while. I've had your email with me from the moment we were first connected, and I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to see how things have shaped up for you since we have been in touch— is your family safe? Has all this social distancing been unearthing any new visions on your life? How are you doing with the new normal ? Are you as equally excited for seeing Kamala Harris on the Democratic Ballot? Have you had space to carve out to just nurture your inner peace and see life more clearly, despite all that is happening on the planet lately? To be honest, I wanted to send you an email when the quarantine started earlier this year, but couldn't quite find my inner Brave. Then I heard from our members about their brave moves, and reviewed my pictures over my (COVID-safe) travels, and immediately knew I had to make the BOLD move to get real with you, re-connect and update you... ​ So, why am I reaching out on the other side of this wild ride of life we have