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Would you get a massage in a workplace surrounded by landmines?

Would you get a massage in a workplace surrounded by landmines? Recently, I was having a conversation with an HR director. I was referred to their site because their employees were complaining of experiencing racist comments and didn’t know how to deal with it. In the conversation with the HR director, she was explaining to me that they had wellness programs on site. They had individuals who rendered massage services and yoga. Then came the teaching moment- would you get a massage in a workplace surrounded by landmines? Let’s just say that this conversation opened the door to others, then it hit me that it had to come back to sharing this conversation with my network. Landmines, you ask? Isn’t that drastic? What does someone making a comment to me in passing have anything to do with my health? Would you invest in a condo as a light sleeper that came with a brand new very comfortable high end bed, gorgeous view of the city, and was built above a 24-hour roc

Where does universal thought on divine spirituality intersect with positive health goals? 

Spring! The earth awakes. Let’s take time to smell the green in the air; to hear the birds talking; and to feel the mud between our toes.   Let’s channel that creative energy  to move forward and achieve our goals.   Thousands of years ago,  Women Goddesses of Fer tility, Birth, and Regeneration    were honored in many cultures. How many Goddesses are you familiar with?   OS H UN….. West African ( Yoruba )   God dess of L ove, fresh waters and F ertility. Oshun’s compassionate, sensuous nature   and her water element nature encourages healing, mothering, and harmony.   GAIA…..Greek   Goddess of the E arth and the mother of all creation. The heavenly gods co me fr om her union with Uranus, the S ky.   PRITHRI….Hindu and some branches of Buddhism   Goddess of the  E arth. Her name means The Vast One.   PACHAMAMA….Inca   Goddess of F ertility who has the power to sustain life on earth.  Her children are I

Organizational Wellness and Leadership Consultation

Sacred Walker & her team of highly trained trainers offer specialized wellness retreats and trainings grounded in stress management, self-care, transformative leadership, and other consulting services tailored to your organization's unique needs. We specialize in human service agencies that offer direct service to people with high exposure to stress and violence. We specialize in offering practical, innovative & creative solutions to help today's helpers- that has been proven to work! Are you seeking support for team to run more cohesively? Are you ready to transform stress at work in order that your company may increase productivity and thrive? I call this pain to power transformation.  The following training is an example of a stress management training conducted at your company's premises or at a venue arranged by Kuumba Health LLC. Stress management workshop  In this one-day workshop, participants will learn to:  Define Stress Learn wha