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De-Cluttered home/ De-Cluttered mind: How to lovingly face that pile that scares you to transform your life?

Recently I had a support session with someone who had a large amount of clutter in their bedroom. They also struggled with intimacy. Thru telehealth counseling sessions, we were able to physically venture together to their bedroom. I encouraged X to pick up one item off of the floor. X identified the first item and the memory attached to it. The relationship of that pant item on the floor to the person had a memory that wanted to stay buried. Putting the pants into closet meant that that lingering memory had no more power. X  wasn't triggered every time she stepped over it. It meant that the relationship to body, body image, romance, self, and other would shift. That is one of countless stories, and that person is certainly not alone. This is a common struggle we all face from time to time- a cluttered home and cluttered mind. By the end of session 4, items were removed from the ground. I guided X on creating a pain to power check list which highlighted what needed to b