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Could reconnecting to your vision during this time of going inward and being indoors, be the missing piece to your whole mind body health puzzle?  🤔 Many people experience increased energy and lower stress when practicing opportunities to envision and get support to make their vision real regularly. The way our Members have been doing for the past several years, envisioning there higher vision of excellence seen here Studies have shown regular right brain stimulation of innovation and creation, alongside regular body health care practices, can help relieve depressed moods and may even lower your risk of developing other health challenges.  😵 But what if you’re not the active type or dreamer, are an empty nester not knowing where to begin or have time limitations? You can still add healthy visioning to your life, like working out a new muscle to maintain your soul’s calling, to make peace and prosperity reachable. ✌️ The National Institutes of Health describes for example the combinat