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Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care- Watch me.

My former supervisor shared this you tube video with our Hospital team.* Watch this video: Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care This video is truly a reminder that fostering the soul care in health care , specifically practitioners showing empathy and compassion, can go a long way for how we as practitioners and as service recipients approach giving and receiving care. I believe, it reminds us to walk a day in our "clients" shoes, and bottom line, treat others with the care and professionalism that we all deserve. I am not always perfect at showing up at my 100% best as a practitioner or as a client. My emotions, like many others, at times get the best of me. I stub my toe, somebody insults my family member, I get a scary call, and my mood changes, paints my day differently. My experience changes the minute that the negative thought enters my consciousness. But God... invites in ease in a simple a moment, as taking in a breath. And when I remember that, I res

"I think God is looking down and smiling, what do you think?," Remembering Kerala India 2012

One year later, and I am just beginning to make the connections of fermented coconut based medicine in Kerala and just showing up as a ministry of presence in New York Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains, NY. Both acknowledge that there is an old mystery outside of human conception, that heals mind, body, and spirit. ... Enjoy this flashback video, and as well some love being sent from our New international friends. "I think God is looking down and smiling, with me a year later in reflection. What do you think?..."* *   Disclaimer: This post is   not   an endorsement of Ayurveda meedicine's effectiveness, and more so shares professional opinions. This report is an op-ed piece, and encourages those specifically seeking Ayurvedic care to to make the most informed decisions from a wide range of perspectives, with this as one of many.  I encourage those seeking care to find the best fit for your and your families' unique needs. I hope this piece is both