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Reaching out for support of Trip to India etc.

July 4, 2012 Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Community: I am writing to tell you that I am embarking on a major transition in my life and would like to extend a call for your support. I am pleased to announce that I am the only North American that has been accepted into the Field Service Learning Program in Kerala, India . Here I will be gifted the opportunity to learn Holistic Medicine (Ayurveda), Yoga, and Meditation, and serve youth through facilitating theater groups which will critically engage community issues. I will be working alongside a team of international students from throughout the world. Upon my return, I will be individually and collaboratively offering presentations on my learning on preventative integrative medicine, holistic healing, and drama therapy. My short term intention is to provide the budding knowledge of holistic healing to my community of supporters and the communities I am connected. My long-term intention is to open up a holi

La Mama performance piece in development!

Divine eroticism breaks me open and heals me whole or Eros amidst adversity! I am Sacred  age 22 Eroticism is laying on my momma's belly Her super clean while cluttered one bedroom apartment in Crown Heights Brooklyn Holding one another As the images of the television flicker in the window Breaking into fraggled light particles Sneaking past the steel black window guard Keeping thieves and light out Listening to her light filled breath In & out Healthy again Cool My hot head and soft baby hairs stroked by her thinly lined finger tips Giggling To the season finale of "Once upon a time" Screaming "Emma, why won't you just believe." Fantasy real- OUR Church on a Sunday night No words just warmth Brown arms wrapped around One another in our street clothes My mom's pet peeve overlooked It's like a prayer Love MaGniFied. She  No longer scared of my ga