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Read this Becoming Love Medicine Posted in Many Voices Article Published Excerpt: While our ancestral mothers taught us how to survive in this genealogical script, I believe a part of our innocence still dies. I call upon healers and leaders to teach a new script. Begin to respond to trauma seen in homes and health centers with questions: What is the source of our pain? How did the environment fail us? How can we be witnesses and advocates? How do we remember that no matter how much preparing we provide, if someone that we love is harmed, it is never the fault of yours or that person? We must speak to a wounded community. We must address a need for systems to rise like a phoenix and create something new. Read more... Becoming Love Medicine | Many Voices
Stay tuned 4 @Masculunus TV Broadcast ft @Sacred_Walker talking ab/ #paintopower transformation. Support local broadcasts! #soulcaresaturday