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Sankofa: Welcoming Dr. Cornell West

Sankofa: Today Dr. Cornell West was formally accepted into our faculty body at Union Theological Seminary of Columbia University. The name of the evening was Sankofa, in honor of the Adinkra symbol which reminds we must look back to learn from the past, in order to fly forward. Decades later, after retiring from Princeton, Dr. West joins our team. In his very speech he looked back honoring those who came before him. I imagined libations being poured after each name he calls. In studying post traumatic slave syndrome, I am in awe and respect by this brother, and my own courage in reaching out to him. I am honored to be one of the many students who now get to possibly study with him in connection to black liberation theology and healing. Check out this clip of a portion of his welcome speech! He is a mover and shaker internationally. Our community here has had its fair dealing with racism and systematic oppression. I pray that he is bot