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Omnipresent Eroticism


Not your ordinary love


Love ginger orange poems

Oozing over the tablet on my smoothe thighs and
hips massage into my Ghirardelli chocolate skin memoirs

Feeling free again
To write my erotic power

Omnipresent eroticism

You see when I was just a wee age of 7
An old man tried to take away my young innocence

Not knowing my dad had already collected his treasure years prior

For so long feeling like spoils

I lost something I had

And years later I beckon her back

That what was taken that belonged to Goddess and Divine Me's

And we alone~

Right now

as we read the lines of this Omnipresent eroticism

We stand in warrior pose


Fight and Dance our ways back to it:

~Our Genuine Erotic~

In present tense

End of sentence

I take broken pottery pieces and see the ancient wisdom scribed

On shattered fragments that I once discarded
Run away in fear

Step into in faith, love, forgiveness, compassion, faith

And breath deep root chakra exhales of energies trapped in my womb

A Vow to My Inner Beloved!

A Vow of Love to my Inner Beloved

Cause my embodied divine, knows a real woman when she sees her
And a real woman knows my embodied divine ain't afraid to please we
And a real woman knows my embodied divine always comes first
And my embodied divine just can't deny a womans worth

In order to rise from its ashes a Phoenix must first burn
SO I sat down wrote my Beloved Phoenix a love letter - like to here it- here it go-

I vow to self love when I feel utterly alone and deeply interconnected in this place

When I was 15 years old I said nothing while I was teased by a young boy in my classroom
Because I wanted so badly to be liked
I vow to love myself to say no to that moment in time and release in love
I vow to stand up for justice and my own voice

The angel in heaven just signed my name

When I was 20 I made love for the first time and denied my own needs for the needs of another
I vow to voice my needs
I vow self-acceptance and acceptance of you and you and you
And I
Stand in my…