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Young women find light in dark corners (Kerala, India)

Today, I am working with Field Service Learning India in Kerala, India. I am working alongside 18 other volunteers of varying experience with young people, from all over the world. The video below is a brief introduction to some of the young people that 5 of the 19 (including myself) volunteers have been working with. With varying numbers of 12-40 youth-The task is beautiful yet daunting. These young children (and some old in age) are labeled special needs children and mostly are young women who have been orphaned as well. After completing an activity with them today I am brought to tears at the ways both that love, being present, and a hug can teach just as much as team building and drama therapy activities do. I am both honored to work alongside and co-lead this team and to be allowed in the hearts of these sweet and many developmentally challenged young women. Today my moment of joy was when 2 young women began to take over the musical chorus activity and lead the group. Their

Gandhian Handloom symbol Meets Self-determination in Bk

Location: Kerala India Intention: Self determination With whom: Cultural immersion trip with FSL India on the heels of Indian Independence Day! Today I would like to welcome you virtually to the Handloom Factory in Kerala, India. This is where various fabrics and traditonal Southern Indian clothes and house-ware are created by hand and on traditional machines by mostly women. The traditition of handloom has been around for many years. To the best of my knowledge and additional research, Gandhi promoted it as a form of autonomy from the British and a form of active resistence to not depending on the British goods. From the 1700's to Gandhi's passing in the 1900's, it became a symbol of patriotism and freedom. See the following website for additional general information on this act of resitence: Today, after seeing both the hard work of the workers and the semi poor working conditions I am left wit
What ever happened to the Old Goa I read about. Today off season can be both romantic for some and overwhelming for others. Baga beach was a mix of staring men, droves of drunk men jumping into the water during monsoon season, and sisters just trying to get their hustle on. Baga beach- experienced you once, would rather not do that again! *   Disclaimer: This post is   not   an endorsement of or  defacement  of Goa, and more so shares personal opinions. This report is an op-ed piece, and encourages those specifically seeking more info to to make the most informed decisions from a wide range of perspectives, with this as one of many.  I encourage those seeking it to find the best fit for your unique needs. I hope this piece is both informative and enjoyable. Thank you for coming. Please check out other posts on my website, of interest. Appreciations as well for being an integral part of the Kuumba Holistic Healing Project's growing community. To unsubsribe