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Announcing Master's Graduation, Residency, & Fundraiser update!

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Community:  I am writing to tell you that I am embarking on a major transition in my life and would like to extend a call for your support. I am pleased to announce that I graduated with my Masters Degree in Holistic Psychology; was commissioned as a GLBT Faith Leader of African Descent; and I received a grade of Distinction on my thesis from Dr. Cornell West and Dr. Harry Fogarty, the highest grade one can receive, all in May 2013. The title of my thesis was: Exploited Intimacy: The Souls of Black Women and the Folk who love them. I am also pleased to announce that I have been accepted into the New York Presbyterian- Mental Health Hospital CPE residency program, beginning May 26th - August 17, 2013, as an interfaith hospital chaplain/ Psycho-spiritual intern. It is an honor to accept this prestigious opportunity with a hospital ranked number one in the country by US NEWS. This is where your invaluable support comes in. Up