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Hello love,

Nurturing your soul and fostering your mental health is good for your overall health. 

I don’t know what you got up to this summer, but I went out looking for ways to give my soul some rest and use my energy in ways that will level me up in life!

I’m not quite back to a full workload yet, but I am getting ready to wrap up my summer growth goals and get back into the swing of things for Fall.

Coming soon will be Fall and Winter which means it will be the start of less sunny days and more time working for many. This time for me will mean helping people save their energy and wallet from toxic stress- making sure they are taking care of their well-being.👀

Over the last months, we have been discussing making time for yourself, finding ways to build a wealth mindset, choosing how you prioritize your time wisely and using your energy for growth goals that will help you in the long term.

Today, I want to help with leveling you up in life so you can achieve prosperity and financial freedom in your life.

Use your Energy more Efficient

Energy is our motivation, and using it effectively leads to you leveling up and achieving your goals and dreams!

This topic has two parts: 

Summer 2021, I held a mini summit that explored how you can use your energy in more efficient ways to divide up your energy into areas of importance.

The podcast carries it’s torch forward, and I don’t want to miss out on it!

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Now, let’s talk about Energy.

How are you spending your energy and devoting your time throughout your week and how do you feel about how it is being used?

Our use of energy starts in the morning, and how we use our time from there. The start of the day is important because it will set the mood for how our energy will be divided and time used. Using your energy in a positive way at the start of your day will lead to a prosperous day (shifting from being pulled by people and things that deplete us vs. energize us)! 

Our energy may misdirected into activities that don’t help us without us being aware of it- have you ever walked into the bathroom in the morning, and walked out and realized you had completed your whole morning routine without being aware of it. Imagine if your whole day became that way- lost in time and low energy.

We do this without knowing because of tendencies and behaviors based on childhood experiences or ancestral triggers, without any consideration to whether or not we are actually responsible for what’s happening. We want to make sure our spending, our eating choices, our action steps in our vision, even how we connect with who we love is present… intentional!

As a result, setting up time for energy to be used wisely comes with a great deal of worry, stress, and obligation to say “yes” when we want to scream “no.”

We sometimes worry about how we should be using our energy in a more successful way without disrupting usual routines in our day-to-day life but sometimes you have to disrupt your routine to get results with your new use of energy. 

Good use of energy is critical to forming that healthy life and to help with your goals! Well spent time of your energy could help with increasing one’s self-esteem and reducing stress and anxiety- improving your mental health and overall physical health outcomes.

As important as it is, most of us have a difficult time planning out our energy and making sure we use it for our goals throughout the day. It can be exhausting at times to try and plan out the day but let me remind you that.

To find out you are not using your energy effectively, look at these indicators:

🚩 Discomfort

🚩 Burnt-out

🚩 Stress

🚩 Anxiety

🚩 Suffering

🚩 Lack of sleep

Those feelings are the signs that you need ways to be present to better energy management. They stem from the feeling of not feeling like you have completed anything all day or not having a feeling of accomplishment after a day. Reflect on your days and see how you could use better management with your energy.

And if you’d like to repair those breaches, be sure to visit my podcast Unlocking Unstoppable Love that will talk about how we can invest our energy more successfully!

Learn how to Manage Energy

Energy Management allows you to let go of the stuckness you have been carrying around that has been holding you back from reaching your potential. Then you can focus on your own shi...ft, instead of getting distracted.

Are you ready to deal with your shift?

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The Unlocking Unstoppable Love Podcast  is designed to help you apply the teachings to your problems and grow from them and find yourself from the outcome.​

In Unlocking Unstoppable Love, we talk about:

  • How to spend your energy efficiently

  • How to tell when you need spend time on yourself

  • Ways to create extra streams of income, so toxic stress doesn’t rob your energy and wallet

  • How to decide what is important in your life and what is just a distraction from your greatness,

  • Ways to receive coaching by yours truly- and more!

… and of course, how to empower yourself to create a lasting legacy!

Now it’s time for me to get back to the last little bit of my summer vacation. ☀️

I hope you enjoy Unlocking Unstoppable Love

Be love, and remember you are loved even when you forget,


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