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Check out the Nia Gathering- Where Wild Women Loving Women Rejoice!

Nia provides women loving womyn of color, like myself, the opportunity to connect and celebrate our full humanity. This is an awesome space that I have attended for years, that I highly recommend. Here I am rejoicing with other powerful sisters and sister elders at our closing ceremony. Simply rejuvenating! Nia means purpose, and that is exactly what it attracts- Purposeful Women. Fore more information or to register visit: Scholarships are available- ask me how I know! *   Disclaimer: This post is   not   an endorsement of this organization, and more so shares professional opinions. This report is an op-ed piece, and encourages those specifically seeking more info to to make the most informed decisions from a wide range of perspectives, with this as one of many.  I encourage those seeking it to find the best fit for your unique needs. I hope this piece is both informative and enjoyable. Thank you for coming. Plea

How to turn your breakdown into a break-thru? [A Case Study]

Case Study Title: How to turn your breakdown into a break-0thru? New York Presbyterian Hospital Summer Chronicles From the desk of  Sacred Walker  August 21, 2013 Subtitle: Singing to the emptiness in her soul The Second chance program is where I spent most of my time; these clients have long term stays in the hospital for up to two years, before transitioning to residential housing or permanent state hospitals. The community there is close and spicy, like I like them! During our morning team meetings, K's psychiatrist, social worker, and later another patient tell me K would benefit from having a conversation with me. K is a mousy white woman with blonde hair. She sits in the hallway staring off into her opposite facing room, as if she saw past it and simultaneously saw nothing at all. I approach her with gentleness. "K, my name is Sacred. I am from pastoral care. Can I take a moment to speak with you?" She immediately tells me "I like t