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3 Steps for your team to Transform Pandemic Burnout? {Power of WE}

If anyone had told us what the year 2020 would hold in store for us, it’s fair to say that we would never have believed them. Yet here we are, 12 months into a pandemic, now re-entering on the other side of a new normal, self-isolation, and a global movement for racial equity, both of which have changed the nature of our society and ourselves. The sheer scale of these changes has left many of us feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and overloaded, resulting in what is being termed Pandemic Burnout. What is Pandemic Burnout, and why is it different? Here's how and 3 steps to shift this pattern for you and your team at the end of this week's newsletter or you are invited to watch the interactive video here . When Covid-19 appeared in early 2020, many of us hoped and believed it wouldn’t be around for long. A few months of social restriction and changes to working practices and we’d be back to normal in no time. Fast forward to furloughs, financial uncertainty, and the global outcry fo