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Masterclass !!!  Some people want it, and others work it!  I am so proud to share the upcoming class turning anxiety into action and stress into success during this pivotal time- where leaders with heart, grounded in love, and fellow socially conscious leaders looking to make an impact are needed more than ever. I can’t wait to feature you on Love Medicine TV’s debut- so you can share for yourself how you DID IT- SECURE YOUR CROWN QUEENS!  - Love, we are at the point in this global pandemic where the mind can really begin to wreak havoc wondering, when will this END so we can go back to business as usual??  Though it might be hard to grasp right now, every type of massive change (Swine Flu, H1N1, Malaria, etc.) does bring with it opportunity for growth and betterment. The key is, as a Leader who are grounded in Love, to be able to remain strong and steady through the changing tides. I created this to celebrate your wins, as we band together to thrive thru challenge in LOVE!  L: Liv
4 pillars to support you in Securing your crown, the way your CROWN QUEENS are during, through and beyond this Jarring Time (I myself almost forgot the day of the week for a second, as they tend to blend if you do not have the following in place to ensure you as said above LOVE LOVE): 1) Structure. This is a HUGE. So many Leaders led by Love that I am speaking to right now are having a difficult time focusing which makes sense because unpredictable change is rocking our city, state, world. Here’s what will help: Have a solid way to start and end your day. This will give you a start and finish to your daily experience. Bonus: Buy an open and close time, and tack it to your door or window. This will ensure you break up your time: in and out with healthier boundaries for healthy mind, body, and spirit. Make those times in and out reflective and you will regain a sense of focus. For example, start the day writing down 1 thing that brings you pleasure (your pleasure principle) you will