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Hello Butterfly.  🦋 Are you experiencing a new found empty nest, and all this extra time during this heightened health scare has you really facing this new chapter in your life? 💫 I support visionaries and love-centric leaders to: Craft your story online to position yourself as an expert (while there are 38% increase in everyone being online- your time is now) How to avoid the common pitfalls of debt that cause most new ventures to fail, and avoid burnout in the process (so cabin fever becomes your next level versus slippery slope burnout experience) 🤒 Learn ways to attract wealth, while reducing stress (so that facing yourself is just another step to becoming your own best friend again- you were born to shine and be a light thru dark times with your success or soul’s calling) 😍 Or maybe you need an extra stream of income but feel stuck? Together let us Position You as a Fresh Authority on Your Topic so you can stand out amidst the social media flurry... I’ll show you how to elimin
You have diverse gifts, abilities, talents and opportunities that fellow colleagues find strength in. Maybe you are the go to during stressful times, and now you are feeling the heightened weight of holding your team across social distancing?  What will you do with your gift as a bridge builder, holding socio-emotional and culturally diverse beliefs about teams and working alone? Are you showing up as the best version of yourself, as a leader- in support of embodied leadership thru heightened stressors? What have you done today to support the decreased stress of your diverse team with diverse needs- in support of optimal workflow and patient centered care? How hard are you working towards your goals as we near the end of the fiscal year for many, trying to balance equity missions and team forming goals? Since you are committed to excellence and greatness that fosters team building, thriving leadership, and embodies equitable missions as an organization, so you can be on the right s
Self quarantine got you feeling sluggish, redefining your WHO AM I's..., reinventing your personal mission? Like my younger self in my first hand-me-down power suit counting down for school pictures to happen... and school pictures to hurry up & be OVA!?! Me too! You are NOT alone. Let's rise to the occasion together loves... You are not alone... I AM Helping You in #Becoming Your Own Brand... of Excellence #BYOB  is my mission. I am committed to my soul calling of helping visionaries, spiritually led leaders, and fellow underdogs create the Belief System and Strategy To Launch Your Side Hustle to your Main Squeeze with a 60 Day Launch Plan! Become your own brand of excellence But Sacred… I am at home, and I am starting to feel like I have too much time on my hands... "I am just feeling drained." "I am being extra frugal these days, things are just so unpredictable." "I see a lot of people launching their visions, but maybe I should just w