You have diverse gifts, abilities, talents and opportunities that fellow colleagues find strength in. Maybe you are the go to during stressful times, and now you are feeling the heightened weight of holding your team across social distancing?  What will you do with your gift as a bridge builder, holding socio-emotional and culturally diverse beliefs about teams and working alone? Are you showing up as the best version of yourself, as a leader- in support of embodied leadership thru heightened stressors? What have you done today to support the decreased stress of your diverse team with diverse needs- in support of optimal workflow and patient centered care? How hard are you working towards your goals as we near the end of the fiscal year for many, trying to balance equity missions and team forming goals? Since you are committed to excellence and greatness that fosters team building, thriving leadership, and embodies equitable missions as an organization, so you can be on the right side of history and equity during this unprecedented time. I would be honored to support your city agency team using our state of the art telehealth coaching support thru unprecedented change, to thrive! You are invited to choose your optimal time for an information call here: Online appointment scheduling #MondayMotivation #TeamWorkMakestheDreamWork #ExecutiveCoaching #EquityConsulting #ServiceProviders #Quaruntine #TeleCoaching


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