Self quarantine got you feeling sluggish, redefining your WHO AM I's..., reinventing your personal mission? Like my younger self in my first hand-me-down power suit counting down for school pictures to happen... and school pictures to hurry up & be OVA!?! Me too! You are NOT alone. Let's rise to the occasion together loves... You are not alone... I AM Helping You in #Becoming Your Own Brand... of Excellence #BYOB  is my mission. I am committed to my soul calling of helping visionaries, spiritually led leaders, and fellow underdogs create the Belief System and Strategy To Launch Your Side Hustle to your Main Squeeze with a 60 Day Launch Plan! Become your own brand of excellence But Sacred… I am at home, and I am starting to feel like I have too much time on my hands... "I am just feeling drained." "I am being extra frugal these days, things are just so unpredictable." "I see a lot of people launching their visions, but maybe I should just wait until things settle down… What if it flops?" I mean I am at home with my kids and what if I can’t do both- provide them a comfortable lifestyle and a secure future... Is this you? Talking yourself out of your blessings - downplaying your desires and plaguing your mind with doubts? Spending on Amazon Prime and Hulu upgrades, while your miracle mindset will really give you lasting happiness. Meanwhile, all this time at home has you facing that wake up call on your spirit moment: “I do not feel like I am where I am supposed to be. I feel like I am downplaying my real worth Or What I have heard so bravely from you: “I am here where I am at a place in my life right now, but I am here to move on to do something else. This is not where I am supposed to be in my career, but there are certain tools / wisdom to gain.” I have an answer. Join me LIVE on my #SecureYourCrown Masterclass Intro Seminar. Click the link in my bio. For over a decade, I've been behind dozens of well-being and wealth launches—everything from private practices to book launches, through some of life’s most stressful moments - so USE ME AS A RESOURCE . . Don't let your fears dominate, without the key strategies to set up your legacy & reduce your Debt, doubt, or downplaying your desires keep you from seizing the opportunity RIGHT in front of you. Having my own online coaching company has allowed me to WFA (Work From Anywhere) and get paid to restore and inspire transformation strategies & help ppl all over the world- Georgia to Guyana. COVID & all! Register now: BONUS- My wait time just slowed down so we can also connect LIVE!!! Click link in bio or let’s chat LIVE- I am looking to meet with 3 people by Friday. Love you all and Light thru your stressful self quarantine moments @asksacred #resilience #mindfulness #quotes #quotestoliveby #vulnerability #acceptance #authenticity #quaruntine #quaRUNtine #staystrongtogether #coach #motivation #stress #anxiety #selfcare #inspiration #mentalhealth #bygrace #business #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #money #hustle #life


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