4 pillars to support you in Securing your crown, the way your CROWN QUEENS are during, through and beyond this Jarring Time (I myself almost forgot the day of the week for a second, as they tend to blend if you do not have the following in place to ensure you as said above LOVE LOVE): 1) Structure. This is a HUGE. So many Leaders led by Love that I am speaking to right now are having a difficult time focusing which makes sense because unpredictable change is rocking our city, state, world. Here’s what will help: Have a solid way to start and end your day. This will give you a start and finish to your daily experience. Bonus: Buy an open and close time, and tack it to your door or window. This will ensure you break up your time: in and out with healthier boundaries for healthy mind, body, and spirit. Make those times in and out reflective and you will regain a sense of focus. For example, start the day writing down 1 thing that brings you pleasure (your pleasure principle) you will take during the day and before bed write down 3 sources of gratitude from the day. 2) Willingness to bend but not break. Well, this seems strange since we were just talking about structure; yet the ability to bend both structure and have flexibility is a sign of resilience. Recent Yale studies from my Resilience training (that I am currently Black girl nerding out on) show that those who respond to change as an opportunity vs. a threat, will thrive in resilience. And affirm your boundaries. The most compassionate people, according to many Buddhist scholars, have the clearest boundaries. Affirm this is a "momentary new normal" and be willing to do some things differently than you ever would have before this challenge. Remember it’s ok to feel, to heal. Then return to your focus. Remember you are grounded as you bend but do not break your boundaries. Most likely, you will surprise yourself by A) what you are actually able to do and B) what new ways of being you choose to keep when this challenge is all said and done. 3) Calm communication. Use I statements- we are all under the surface a bit tense. Let’s be tender to each other in next level ways in word and deed. 4) What creativity is in you ready to unfold. Such as creating a Love Medicine playlist, writing a new diddy, answering your calling to open that consultancy, meeting your vision with fresh new eyes, spending quality time with those you love like none before, or facing what you are ready to fix or transform in your life with support... Challenge will bring to the forefront everything we've been ignoring or avoiding about ourselves and our relationships. Best to be ahead of any potential confrontation grounded in Love, the way the leaders of Kuumba Health do daily, and are doing by consciously choosing to have "support". Peace and Prosperity, Sacred Start by getting clear about what you need in some quiet reflection or journaling for yourself and then start a conversation by calmly expressing, "I would like to talk to you about something that feels very uncomfortable to me." Use my book to come (more soon) to turn stress to success.Then make an agreement that each person has a certain amount of time to share while the other just listens. Set a timer if needed.I would love to hear how these three pillars support you. Just hit “reply” or direct message me on instragram @asksacred and let me know.Exceptional people are called to Love on others and themselves, and be that love medicine during Times of change and not only will we get through this together, but we will transcend this - together. Wellness wishes and support Sacred #ThrivingTuesday #TherapeuticSupport #WorkfromHome #Selfcare #ExecutiveCoaching #FamilySupport #IndividualSupport #HealthyBalance #HealthyCommunication


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