Stress Resilience: Culturally Affirming Tools in our Politically Challenging Times

Tools for the Trump Era

Gift of Kuumba Health

I. Tips for Introverts
  1. Take time out. Take Deep Breaths. Moments of quite are a FREE luxury.
  2. Don't hold a grudge: Face and Forgive. We are stranger together!
  3. Create still places to seek answers. Honor ancestors and elders who too have overcome.
II. Tips for Extroverts

  1. Trust your intuition: Organize your thoughts - Speak Out. Together we Rise!
  2. Once you’re calm, express your anger. Speak your mind. Seek legal counsel when needed.
  3. Read culturally affirming Books together. Spend quality time with positive friends.
III. Mind-Body Positive Tips

  1. Get regular exercise. Create Art. Endorphins are your bodies natural pain killers.
  2. Schedule time with nutritionist. Do acupuncture and yoga. Restore balance in your body.
  3. Eat healthy meals with fruits and vegetables. Happy bodies respond better to stress.

IV. Take Social Media Breaks. Govern YOU! Give your mind, heart and body time for balance.

Record acts of injustices - Only when safe. In today’s digital age, evidence is a touch away.

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