From Kuumba to King: Inspired by Life!

An Investment in Kuumba Health LLC today is an investment in the Kwanzaa Principal- Kuumba:
Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah)


"To do always as much as we can in the way that we can in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than when we inherited it."

Dear Kuumba Health Community,

In 2016, Kuumba Health will transform the lives of over 400 people in the next year. Our team includes 1 part time staff (Founder, Sacred Walker), one Kuumba Health is increasingly focusing on supporting our first responders who support those impacted by trauma.

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Since the personal is political. the principle Kuumba Came in very handy for me on September 17th 2015. On September 17th, I understood fully what fostering the soulcare in community health-care meant to me on my way to co-presenting my first workshop on Capital Hill, at the National Black Justice Conference in Washington, DC.

It was 3:32 am and I was driving down Route 40, with my headlights on in the middle of Elkton. MD, playing music loudly to ensure that I stayed awake. It was a long strip of highway and I saw only my car, and the group of highway workers up ahead. Suddenly I saw headlights coming to my right, and I began to honk repeatedly. I swerved to my left and it was too late. The Jeep T-boned my drivers side, knocking me into the side of the highway. The next 24 hours taught me what soul medicine is all about.

Once I came to, I called two close and reliable friends who walked me through what to take from my car. The state troopers gathered my information, and the workers saw everything: She ran the red light. She was in the wrong. I can’t believe that. The ambulance came and I was taking to the ER. Once cleared, I called my insurance to get support. These are what I call the first responders. My insurance company was dismissive, telling me nothing could be done, and they were not the good neighbor. The second responders were the tow company. The employees of the tow company said “I have never seen a person endure what you had to with insurance after an accident, in my 10 years of being here. They gave me tea, a room of my own to pray in, and encouraging words. They were my heart balm, as I stood alone in the middle of a tow yard in now Delaware, with no car or way home. I was spent. On the other side of that, AAA came through, the tow car patched my car up enough to slowly get it to DC. With smashed in headlights and a cracked hood, I made it. 8 hours later, I gave a presentation to an amazing team of National Leaders at NBJC.

While there Sacred & co facilitator Mustafa (National Organizer of the Gay & Straight Alliance) facilitated a workshop entitled “Reclaiming Embodied Love” to 50 political, religious, and community service leaders. Our presence supported them in better showing up as soul medicine in the communities they returned to. National Black LGBT Leaders experimentally learned how to support LGBTQ young adults, raised in Christian and Muslim Households, (where religious verbiage was a source of shame or harm), work towards optimal Mental health and psycho spiritual wholeness, through theater & movement. Participants had raving reviews.

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Because I was given a compassionate response, I was able to do so with wholeness. In this way Kuumba Health is paved forward. Today, through acupuncture and beginning physical therapy, my recovery is slow and steady.

The impact of homophobia, racism, and religious violence hits community members like that car hit me, yet the wounds are below the surface causing damage in ways that are unseen. Kuumba Health calls together facilitators that act, like the tow employees to be the soul medicine when the first responders, the family member, church, psychiatrist, neighbor hits something deep in you, that can rock your world. When the first responders like the insurance company fall short, and don’t keep the contract of love and respect that God has ordained, we prepare second responders to be a positive ministry of presence to hold you just the way I was held. They didn’t preach faith and healing, their presence was an act of faith and healing. And as a result, they left me, and countless others better than they found me.

This is the power of Kuumba Health! We find innovative & creative solutions to leave community health more beneficial & in tune with divine purpose than we found it. In this way we foster the soulcare in community healthcare.

Our Signature Approach:

1) To support individuals, groups, and organizations in making wise financially sound investments, which work hand-in-hand with improved emotional literacy.

2) To create spaces for marginalized people to explore and transform anger and unmet needs in our bodies.

3) To support various communities impacted by ancestral trauma and inter generational oppression and to improve the physical and behavioral health of you, your predecessors, and your communities.

4) To organize retreats, workshops, and healthy relationship models built on a foundation of communication, wellness, and affirming relationships.
5) Groups, Organizations, & Universities: We offer culturally sensitive and clinically sound retreats, workshops, & trainings to meet your unique needs.

This time of reflection has brought many gifts. I have a stronger 3 year strategic plan to expand the reach of Kuumba Health with increased sustainability, integrity, and positive impact. Please make a donation of $50 or more today to invest in Kuumba Health’s start up capital campaign by making a donation to Kuumba Health HERE.

In 2016, Kuumba Health will transform the lives of over 400 people in the next year. Our team includes 1 part time staff (Founder, Sacred Walker), one part time social media director (Kanika Chadda- Gupta), and an intimate & growing team of board members has plan to transform the lives of 400 people, locally & nationally.

Kuumba Health is a women led holistic mental health organization that fosters the soulcare in healthcare. Kuumba Health is the best at offering experiential trainings for marginalized communities to live purposeful, critically engaged, emotionally emancipated lives, and we have the creative solution to support you towards doing so.

Please donate $100 or more today. With your contribution, Kuumba Health will reach it’s Start Up Capital Campaign fundraising goal of $10,000.  Donate HERE.

In closing, I honor those of you that have been an interconnected support and have truly given me the chance to embrace a greater extended family through your presence in my life. Kuumba (Creativity): Kuumba requires that we constantly strive to make and leave our community and world more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. You will receive  updates of Kuumba Health’s fundraising progress and future endeavors via mailing. . Thank you for your continued support. See what people have to say about our trans-formative Kuumba approach HERE.

Happy New Year!
May you too be inspired by Life: In humbleness, bravery, and joy,
Sacred Walker
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